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  • Who are we?
    People who love Jesus that want to serve our community. Blast is organized by Crossroads Community Church.
  • Who can come?
    Any and all 6-8 grade students.
  • Who will be chaperoning?
    Safety is our #1 priority. Your students will be supervised by background-checked volunteers and staff from Crossroads Community Church and the Parker community.
  • What do I bring?
    Comfy/athletic clothes (please be modest) Friends
  • What can't I bring?
    Food/drink (including energy drinks) Weapons of any kind Drugs/alcohol
  • Can my student leave early?
    Yes! You can pick your student up at the main doors. However, if they leave they will not be allowed to enter again.
  • Can my student come late?
    Yes! Come through the main enterance.
  • Do I have to pick-up at 5am?
    Unfortunately yes. The fieldhouse needs us out by then. We suggest carpooling!
  • Will my student be sleeping?
    No, but there is a "Movie Room" for those who need a break. Please, no sleeping bags.
  • Do I need to bring money?
    Nope! Everything is included in the ticket price. Even food.
  • What if my student has allergies?
    We have many different food options, however, if your student has extreme allergies they can check food into security.
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